Automation in industry has been growing so fast and it gives the big impact on the role of how the product is manufactured. Knowing about it, the industry makes an attempt to take the benefits of the technology because one of the most commonly used technologies named Automated Guided Vehicle can increase the productivity and cutting the operational costs. In line with understanding about the different type of AGV, industry should know which suits the best for running the manufacturing process. 

The Automated Guided Vehicle which is broadly known as AGV is the most sophisticated technology which automates the numerous functions in the company. This latest technology has been developing for many years and it falls into some types with their distinctive features and functions. Thus, it is important to know more about the understanding about the different type of AGV. This helps to find the most appropriate technology based on the necessities.

Apart from understanding about the different type of AGV, it is said that the AGV will run with the help of the guided markers such as laser, magnetic tape or wires installed on the floor. As the markers have been appropriately installed, this latest technology successfully reduces the risk of the staffs and it helps to set aside the repetitive tasks that always cause the boredom. These becomes the major reasons why AGV successfully attracts the industry to be part of the automated system.

The role of Automated Guided Vehicle can perform the instruction in many ways. In this regard, the implanted wires on the floor, radio waves, lasers and cameras are the forms of latest technology used to run the AGV. But, every single forms of technology may cost differs so that industry should make a proper consideration before choosing the most suitable technology. The financial availability should be taken into consideration in advance this is because of the wide array of the functions and uses of the technology.

Revealing and understanding about the different type of AGV

As mentioned before, there are so many types of Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) that can be best choice for the industry. A wide variety of AGV technology requires a particular skill which people should come to understand in advance. If workers do not know for sure how to run the technology, there will be a great deal of problem in running this system. To sum up, understanding about the different type of AGV is very important and here are some of the types that industry can be taken into account.

1. The towing AGV

Warehouse tugger which is later known as the towing AGV is the most frequent technology which is associated with the heavy duty tools. In line with understanding about the different type of AGV, the towing AGV can carry the loads from 10.000 to 50.000 pounds. As the towing AGV widely implemented in the industry, it is commonly used to pull the machine components which may be unsafe for the manual labor. 

2. The fork AGV

When it comes to understanding about the different type of AGV, another type of automated guided vehicle that can be best for the manufacturing system is named fork AGV. This technology is considered as the mechanized forklifts which can place the materials, retrieve stocks, stack and move the pallets. In other words, the technology helps to take the big load products to the warehouse or the shipment process. This technology is said to be so economical as well as cost saving because it replaces the role of lift trucks which always require the licensing and training to allow the operational process.

3. Heavy load AGV

Without wishing to set aside the understanding about the different type of AGV, it is said that the role of Automated Guided Vehicle is not merely used in the industry. It can be seen that the shipbuilders and aviation industry also require the role of automated guided vehicle to move the big loads up to 250.000 pounds. To meet all these needs, the AGV manufacturers make an attempt to design the machine with the wide platforms and solid wheels.

4. The AGV robots

As the year passes by, the Automated Guided Vehicle is now designed by integrating the robotic limbs. This technological advancement will work differ from the regular AGV because it does not require a great skills in hands. In addition, the AGV robot is also equipped with the intuitiveness of the human being so that it can be adjusted with the surroundings. 

In line with the understanding about the different type of AGV, the implementation of the AGV robots offers many benefits such as saving more time and money. To run the AGV robots, a particular program will be designed so that all the process in manufacturing or moving the heavy loads can be done automatically and the human errors can be eliminated as much as possible. With the help of the AGV robots, this machine exceptionally offers the high strength and great mobility.

5. Airport baggage AGV

It is no longer debatable that the AGV is widely used in many projects. In this case, the airport baggage AGV always involves the sorting systems and complex conveyors. This system helps the passengers of airplane to move the luggage in the check-in counter to the right airplane. This process can be done automatically so that when the passengers move to another flight, the luggage placement in the cabin will no longer issue anymore because all the things are well programmed. 

6. The shipping AMR

AMR which is abbreviated from autonomous mobile robots and widely known as the automated guided vehicle is part of the most advanced technology. In accordance with understanding about the different type of AGV, the shipping AMR also takes the benefits of the automated guided vehicle which will help the workers to pick up the heavy things from and to the pallets. As the implementation of shipping AMR, the company will save the time and the project can be done efficiently. 

7. Laser guided vehicles

Another type of the automated guided vehicle is named laser guided vehicle which is used worldwide because it helps to reduce the repetitive actions and carries the heavy loads. In general, there are wide varieties of the laser guided vehicles such as fork LGVs, lift LGVs and many more. Take the example of the lift LGVs which is capable of carrying the loads up to 1200kg. This machine can be used to do pallet handling which reaches the height up to 9 meters. The conveyor–bed LGVs, part of the laser guided vehicle, can also be used to carry numerous products at the high speed. 

The automated guided vehicle is a part of the technological development. This recent technology helps the industry to run more efficiently and effectively. As it develops gradually, there are so many types of the automated guided vehicle which are used in many fields from the warehouse to the aviation. This is because of the wide variety of the benefits that these technological advancements offer to the industry. To take the benefit of every single technology, enhancing the understanding about the different type of AGV is very important so that industry can choose the most appropriate technology to implement.