It is not surprising enough when technological advancement hits the industry. The significant role of the technology has been tremendously helpful in enhancing effectiveness and efficiency. These benefits make the industry decide the best technology to implement as the big jump of the traditional process. Then, the Automated Guided Vehicle which is later abbreviated as AGV comes into known, and the underlying reasons for the high demand for automated guided vehicles are now highlighted among the industry.

In line with the underlying reasons for the high demand for the automated guided vehicles, there are so many things to consider since the implementation of this advanced technology is not easy and cheap. It is said that the industry will spend more than a hundred dollars to invest in the most advanced technology. When the implementation gives the big ROI as a return, it can be drawn a conclusion that it is advisable to implement the technology. On the other hand, if the industry suffers from the loss of operational costs during the process of manufacturing the products with AGV, the role of AGV should be reviewed. 

Having finished carrying out an in-depth investigation of the AGV, it can be seen that only do the big industries implement this technological advancement. It is because they can take the benefits of it so they consider that the role of AGV is tremendously helpful. Realizing this, the industries always make an attempt to develop the existing AGV with the most advanced one in order to reduce the operational costs as well. This becomes the major underlying reason for the high demand for automated guided vehicle nowadays.

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When it talks about the underlying reasons for the high demand for the automated guided vehicle, there are two benefits that should be highlighted. The health and money and safety influence the benefits of using the AGV. Apart from it, there are so many benefits that become the major reasons why these technological advancements are on-demand and here are some of them.

1. Cost reduction on human resources is the major option

It is no longer deniable that the majority of the industries out there are suffering from the loss of operational costs quickly in several months. To deal with it, the emergence of AGV is reported to be good news because it helps the industries to save more expenses without causing big problems. This becomes one of the underlying reasons for the high demand for the automated guided vehicle from this year onwards.

When the industries install this advanced technology, they will calculate the costs of the money to spend. In this regard, it is said that the industries used to spend a lot of money to pay the employees. With the implementation of AGV, the industries can save more expenses and it can be used to deal with other businesses to enhance productivity. 

2. Workforce shortages never happen again

In recent years, eCommerce keeps rising and this greatly affects the storage sector and warehousing because all the products from all over the world are stored safely before they are delivered to the addressee. Providing the fact as it is, there will be a rising number of workforces who deal with the warehousing. Now, the role of workforces in the warehouse has been gradually shifted with the advanced technology named AGV. 

In line with underlying reasons for the high demand for the automated guided vehicle, the implementation of the technology will reduce the massive demand for workers and hiring. With this development, the industries will never experience workforce shortages when the business reaches its peak and the demand of providing satisfying service keeps flooding consistently. 

3. Reducing the mistakes

It cannot be debatable that intelligent humans always make a mistake during the process in manufacturing products. It is because of the fatigue and boredom of doing the continuously and repeatedly tasks. To overcome this problem, the underlying reasons on the high demand of automated guided vehicle suggests the industries to shift the role of human with the most advanced technology called AGV. 

Once, it is reported that there is an industry shut down due to the misread of the label committed by the human. In comparison to the AGV, when the system has been installed properly and accurately, the mistake during the manufacture can be eliminated as much as possible. Then, it becomes the underlying reason for the high demand for automated guided vehicle nowadays.

4. The advanced technology increases the safety

Without wishing to set aside the underlying reasons for the high demand for the automated guided vehicle, a serious accident in the workplace can be caused by the role of the technology involved in the process of manufacturing. About 34.900 workforces are experienced a serious injury because of the forklift operation or others. 

To reduce the number of tolls due to the use of old-fashioned technology in manufacture, the role of AGV can be taken into consideration. The AGV involves the camera, sensors, and lasers which are well-programmed safely. This system will work with the single personnel so that it helps to reduce the accident during the process of manufacturing. The AGV itself is also equipped with safety too and this becomes the major interest why the demand for this technology keeps rising year by year.

5. Productivity reaches its peak

It has been mentioned many times that the implementation of AGV is believed to be able to increase the productivity of the industry in manufacturing the products. To sum up, the role of AGV helps to reduce the operational costs and labor as well as lower the mistakes during the process. This leads to the underlying reasons for the high demand for an automated guided vehicle for the sake of overall productivity. 

AGV which is later integrated with the robotic technology will not perform the tasks like humans who always associate with fatigue or being distracted. The technology has been programmed so that it can do all the tasks efficiently. Imagine when the workplaces keep manufacturing during the night, the AGV can still reorganize the products without mistakes. Then, it greatly affects the reducing the overtime night operation costs for the laborers.

6. The infection risk does not exist

It cannot be separated from the spread of Covid-19 that causing the industry to stop manufacturing. This absolutely causes great loss because the government is strongly prohibited to stay in the crowds. To surprise, the emergence of the AGV is said to be the most helpful systems which can play the role in manufacturing products without relying on the human. When the system is operated, it will work all the time without worries and the manufacturing is still going on. This becomes the major underlying reason for the high demand for the automated guided vehicle in this pandemic era.

The Automated Guided Vehicle has been left behind by many industries due to the high investment. As time goes by and the technology keeps growing, industries come to realize that they need a system that can enhance productivity and efficiency without being tired or bored because of repetitive tasks. Then, the demand for the AGV grows bigger when industries get into the pandemic era where the people cannot gather in the big number in the same place. 

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